Our Brand

The Think Ahead Comix brand is special. The brand is owned by Nathi Ngubane, under Think Ahead Comix Pty Ltd. The brand is dedicated to delivering effective, efficient service with accountability using both proven and innovative methods. Below are guidelines on how to use the brand’s logo. The brand specialises in the production of web comics, graphic novels, info graphics and illustrations.

Brand Marks

Think Ahead Comix is identified by its upper case font and the red play/forward button. Both should be used with the following in mind:

  • Do not stretch, skew, rotate, flip, or otherwise alter the marks.
  • Do not use the marks on an overly-busy background; solid colors work best.
  • The marks should always be monochromatic; typically white if on a dark background, or black if on a light background.

Our Logotype

The logotype should always be used under the following guidelines:

  • Do not attempt to recreate the logotype. It is a meticulously-designed brand mark, not simply “Think Ahead Comix” written in a specific font.
  • Do not use the logotype at small sizes; if it is not clear, use the logomark instead.

Our Logomark

The play button / IX is to be used without distorting or stretching. The logo mark will only be used when space is limited.

Our Colour Palette

Some brands work well in black and white. Some, require a pinch of colour. We use the following palette:

Our Fonts

We used “Norwester” for “Think Ahead Comix” and “Tahoma” for body copy and headlines.

Usage in Communities

Community products (sites, fan clubs, etc.) are encouraged to use the standard Think Ahead Comix black and red logo:

This helps establish consistency and this becomes easier to identify the brand.